Dr. Don L. McCutcheon, Sr. began his work as the Executive Leader of the Evangelization Group in July of 2006 and retired May or 2013. In this role, Dr. McCutcheon’s primary responsibility was to provide leadership in planning, promoting, conducting and evaluating evangelism programs as they relate to the Evangelization Group. He did this through preaching and speaking engagements in Association meetings, church worship services, conferences and revivals and by providing field service and consultations with associations and churches. Dr. McCutcheon’s one objective was for the Evangelization Group to win North Carolina to Christ. He directed the group in accomplishing this through three priorities:

  1. Intentional Effective Evangelism without Apology
  2. Assisting existing churches, new church plants and campus ministries to become intentionally and effectively evangelistic.
  3. Provide an atmosphere of Kingdom-focused prayer toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Prior to serving the BSCNC, Dr. McCutcheon served as the Director of Evangelism Strategy Department of the Florida Baptist Convention and as an Appointed Missionary Associate in Evangelism for the Home Mission Board. He has also pastored several churches.

While at the Florida Baptist Convention, Dr. McCutcheon was able to develop the Intentionally Evangelistic Church Strategy, which assists churches in building their own strategy to win their community to Jesus Christ.

Born in Union, South Carolina, Dr. McCutcheon was married to the late Katheryn McCutcheon, a North Carolina native. He has two sons and two grandsons. Dr. McCutcheon enjoys playing the guitar, fishing, reading and physical fitness.